Which are the best bodybuilding steroids for beginners

Which are the best bodybuilding steroids for beginners

Bodybuilding is a passionate sport and people love to join gyms in their teens and 20s. Why there is so much craze about being fit nowadays is not something that requires any deep analysis. It’s simple, nobody wants to look old with the growing age. Aging is something that you cannot control and reverse, but what you can do, is take care of your mental and physical health. So much so that your age doesn’t reflect the way your body should appear. 

How fitness exuberates confidence:

Besides age, there is certain confidence which one gets when he or she is in a better shape than others. If you’re a gym-going person and you spend considerable time in there out of your busy schedules, then you expect to have a good body shape and physical fitness. Working out at the wee hours of the day or taking time out for a quick run or jog or any physical activity is considered the most important thing now. It’s part of people’s lives so that they look the way they want and never get a tag of being an unfit person as per their age. Now when it comes to taking care of your physical health, there must be 3 things which one should always keep in check, i-e, workout, dieting and rest.

The tripod of fitness:

To be in a super body shape all the time, one should always treat physical fitness as the head of a tripod which has workout, diet and rest as its 3 legs. Focusing only on 1 leg of the tripod won’t provide you the result you’re hoping for, but you have to focus on 3 legs altogether. If your workout is good but diet and rest is not in check, you won’t get the results. If your diet is in check but your workout and resting pattern is not up to the required mark, then you won’t get the fitness you want. Finally, if your sleep cycle is okay but you don’t work out and don’t watch what you’re eating, then you’ll never have a good-looking body. 

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

So, all 3 legs of the fitness tripod are the foundation of how you’re going to look with your age. Make sure you divide your day in such a way that all 3 fits in perfectly and without one overshadowing the other two as well. 45 mins to an hour of working out at a gym or any fitness facility, 4 to 5 balanced meals a day and 8 to 10 hours of regular sleep at night is the recipe to achieve a perfect body shape and mental health as well.

How should beginners go about it:

For someone who’s been looking to join a gym or thinking of gaining muscle mass and get into shape, should understand that it’s a time taking process. So, one should always be patient and avoid rushing his or her way into it. Give yourself at least 1 year before you start judging yourself and assess your progress. Do it right and with proper knowledge either from professionals or from experienced members. When you join a gym, always go easy on weights for the first few months and try to develop a muscle to weight connection. Then after you’re good with angles and understand the science behind it, go for those extra pounds to lift and make sure you’re getting burnt calories replaced in your kitchen through carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats in proportionate quantities. You should always know what amounts of these 5 elements your body needs. Then obviously, last but not the least, sleep or rest. Beginners should know that your muscle growth is directly proportional to a good sleep cycle. Your muscles grow when they’re at rest and they recover quickly when your body and mind is asleep.

Use of supplements and steroids for beginners:

Food supplements and steroids for bodybuilding are something which are deemed as external help by the gym goers. Supplements, as the name suggest, it supplicates the additional nutrients that your body needs after an intense workout session. Different supplements are used for different deficiencies and improving muscle growth. These products have powdered flavors which a gym beginner can use in his or her fruit shake and get the revitalizing elements through it. UK steroids, on the other hand, are a totally different route. They work by stimulating the male hormone growth (testosterone) levels in the body through artificial protein synthesis, which leads to more muscle mass and strength. Few UK steroids which beginners use to gain considerable muscle size in relatively less time are:

  • Testosterone – mostly comes in the form of an injectable for bigger muscle size and fast growth without adverse side effects.
  • Dianabol – this steroid is preferable as it is available for beginners in tablet form and can be taken without much hassle. It mostly adds to muscle strength and thickness.and also used in bodybuilding.
  • AnavarAnavar is probably the lightest steroids in the market available right now. It is also one of first picks for beginners as it can give them lean muscle mass without unnecessary bulk or over-the-top muscle size. It also comes in tablet and supplement powder form.

So, these 3 are the most used UK steroids by gym beginners, male and female bodybuilders. The cycle for each one depends on the dosage which one ought to prefer. But mostly their initial cycle is between 7 to 11 weeks. Both male and female bodybuilders should also consider that steroids for bodybuilding come with some side effects as well. Always try to consult your doctor and personal trainer first before putting yourself on any steroid cycle. 

Are steroids safe to use in Bodybuilding?

Steroids for bodybuilding are generally safe if taken with professional advice and complete precaution. Otherwise, they can put some really adverse effects on your overall health, like:

  • Heart enlargement
  • Infertility
  • Low sperm count
  • Acne and rash


Beginners use steroids for bodybuilding to have better results relatively quickly, but one should always be mindful of the fact that body transformation takes time. So, it’s better to be patient, invest some time and do it right rather than drastically transforming your body in less time and risking your overall health.

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