Payment by Credit Card on


Buy BTC with your debit/credit card


  • Pay on the Internet with your Visa or MasterCard Credit Card
  • then sends us Bitcoin
  • Fast transaction and anonymous 100%
  • Minimum order of £50(or 70$)

Create an account or connect to

 On, create a new account or log in if you already have an account.

If you do not yet have a account, you will need to go through the identity verification process to prove to 
that you are the owner of the credit card:


When registering, to make your payment, you will need to provide a photo or photocopy of your ID.

Your data is confidential and will not disclose it, the aim is to fight against credit card fraud.

Place your order on

2. Then place your order on by choosing “Credit Card (”:

3. Then, on the order confirmation page, copy the unique Bitcoin address to your order, then pay this address to

Pay on

4. On fill in your total order amount in USD in “Amount you receive” and click “Start Transaction”: 

5. After clicking on “Start Transaction”, if you have already verified your account with Paybis, you can paste the Bitcoin address we gave you on the order confirmation page, then click continue:

6. Once you have passed all the steps, sends us your payment in the form of Bitcoin within minutes.

7. We then automatically confirm your order within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Upon receipt of your payment, we ship your order within 24 hours

Watch video for more information

Once your payment has been made on, no need to send us a confirmation form. We then ship your order within 48 hours on average.

Paybis payment validation is not instant: it can take up to 12-24 hours before they validate your credit card payment and send us the BTC payment.

Your tracking number to track the shipment of your package will be sent to you by email. This number is also available in your client area.

If you have the slightest question, do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will be happy to answer all your questions.

We chose as a partner because the payments are very fast (a few minutes) and confidential, Master Card and Visa compatible from 70$ to 20000$ per week.

Less costs: unlike Western-Union, payment by Credit Card generates payment fees of 10% that we take care of.

Finally a real credit card payment on a steroid site!

How does it work?
You pay which then sends us Bitcoins to a unique address (wallet) which is specially created for each order.

In other words, acts as a converter of your currency to Bitcoin and then automatically sends the Bitcoins to us.

You pay Paybis by card, Paybis pays us in Bitcoins!

But I don’t know Bitcoin? 
You don’t need to know what are Bitcoins or how it works.
All asks you for is your unique payment code (our Bitcoin wallet) which will be given to you on the confirmation page after each order on our site.

You pay by Credit Card, it’s simple!

Is it really anonymous?
Your bank statement will bear the simple mention “Simplex_Paybis payment / date and amount” : totally anonymous!

Note: for your first payment on, you will need to verify your identity with This is a normal procedure for all credit card payment sites ( will never have your personal information)


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