What does Clenbuterol (CLEN) do to your body?

What does Clenbuterol (CLEN) do to your body?


Clenbuterol or often termed as Clen is a substance or a compound which is categorized as a beta2-agonist. Beta2-agonists are often used to treat certain medical issues like asthma. This medicine comes in the form of tablets and syrup. This drug is also used to trim down body weight by raising the body’s metabolic rate. It stimulates the central nervous system as well as the heart. Clen is popular among athletes and bodybuilders as intake of this medication can result in reaching desired fitness goals. It is a prescription only drug in most countries and is only limited for the treatment of breathing problems or asthma.

Being a beta2-agonist, it stimulates or activates beta2- adrenergic receptors in the body, particularly the throat. Once the medicine is in your body, it helps to relax lungs and associated muscles thus making a person comfortable to breathe. This drug was initially manufactured to be used in treating breathing difficulties in animals by relaxing their airways. But in some European countries, it is approved for use in humans as well. But in the US this drug is banned for personal use. 

Decongestant and bronchodilator

Clenbuterol acts both as a decongestant and bronchodilator once it is in the body. This means that it helps in blood thinning to reduce blood pressure and at the same time results in the widening of vessels that supply oxygen thereby increasing oxygen in the blood. 

Clenbuterol and bodybuilding

As noted earlier, many athletes and bodybuilders find Clen to be very effective in getting lean muscles and in gaining strength which then enhances their performance. By intaking Clen it activates a process called lipolysis which results in breaking down the fats that are stored in the body. It also results in preventing further storage of fats. Also its use can result in prevention of muscle tissue destruction. Combined together, lipolysis and the muscle tissue destruction prevention allows bodybuilders to get their desired results of reducing weight and getting lean muscles while at the same time getting more strength. 

Clenbuterol Cycle

The dosage for men and women vary due to body weight variations. The normal dose in men to get lean muscles while at the same time lose weight is up to 140 mcg a day. While in women who tend to get lean muscles and lose weight, the average Clen dose should be up to 100 mcg a day. 

Benefits of Clenbuterol

The benefits of this medicine vary from person to person. It can be used to increase strength and energy while also elevating metabolism which leads to fat loss in the body which ultimately trims down body weight. Said in other words, it can benefit bodybuilders and athletes in the cutting cycle. This is the main reason, physical trainers or bodybuilders prefer to buy Clen. It is also used to treat other breathing issues like COPD and asthma in many countries although it is illegal.

This medicine also helps in suppressing appetite.  It also helps to increase adrenaline levels in the body which helps in increased blood flow which helps the body to prepare for survival. This increase in blood circulation helps to perform better in cardiovascular training while also aiding with recovery after strenuous training. This medication also acts as a diuretic meaning that it helps to flush out excess water thereby making a person look lean. 

Side effects of Clenbuterol

Every steroid comes with a variety of side effects. Same is the case with Clen. Intake of this medicine is associated with insomnia, increased heart rate and anxiety. Some of the common side effects are as follows:

  1. Tremors.
  2. Sweating.
  3. Hyperglycemia.
  4. Decrease in potassium levels.
  5. Agitation.
  6. Muscle cramps.
  7. Hot or warm feeling.
  8. Heart palpitation.
  9. Tachycardia.
  10. Enlargement of heart.
  11. Dry mouth.
  12. Vomiting.

Who should avoid taking Clen

Clen is contraindicated in patients who have diabetes mellitus, hypertension, severe asthma, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and pregnant ladies who are in their first trimester. 

Legal alternative of Clen

Due to a range of side effects associated with the use of Clenbuterol, it is advised to take its legal alternative which is Clenbutrol. It is a nutritional supplement which is safe and legal to use. It should take at least 40 to 45 minutes pre-workout. This supplement helps to build muscles and burns fat and helps to improve cardiovascular functioning. It also helps to maximize performance or enhance it by helping to increase energy levels in the body. Therefore, it is considered to be a safe substitute or alternative for Clenbuterol. 

Where to buy Clenbuterol

Although Clenbuterol is used in Russia, China, Bulgaria and other European countries, it is illegal to use for personal consumption in many other countries across the world and therefore is not available over the counter. You need to have a prescription in order to get it from pharmacies. Therefore, many bodybuilders or athletes are forced to buy Clenbuterol from underground sources or black markets. However, there are many stores or pharmacies over the web which offer Clenbuterol UK for sale. They mention buy Clenbuterol UK which makes it easier for the people to find this medicine as it is rare due to being illegal in many countries across the world. 

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