Topical steroids for children

Topical steroids for children

When someone talks about using steroids on children, it just doesn’t sound right. Well, that is because of the fact that we have stereotyped the word steroid as something which is being used by bodybuilders. In fact, this is not the case. There are many forms of steroids other than just limiting them only to male growth hormone – testosterone. Topical steroids are basically used as skin ointments to treat various skin conditions in kids.

They kind of act as a catalyst to slow down any rigorous chemical reactions happening on the skin surface of a child. The field of dermatology has these topical steroids listed as the go-to products for kids under the age of 10 if they come across any such dermatitis issue. Usually, topical steroids are considered safe and are easily available over the counter at any medical store without a prescription. But some of them may need a doctor’s prescription to do a purchase of the product.

How topical steroids work:

Most of the time topical steroids are recommended for children’s skincare but it can also be used by the adult population for their skin-related issues. They work by reducing inflammation caused by an allergic or chemical reaction to the skin and instantly act by removing any sort of rash and redness. They can also be applied to relieve itching after skin’s exposure to some unclean environment and surroundings. As per the latest classification for these products, they come under 7 basic categories which are differentiated by the strength of the steroid. 

Topical steroids classification:

Normally, the steroid class used for children’s skin problems is mostly class 6 or 7, as these are the mildest topical steroids one can get and really compatible with a kid’s thin skin. Other classes are for teenagers to adults and can be prescribed accordingly. Irrespective of which class these UK steroids come under, they work through the same principle and that is quickly healing the skin and making it free from any bacteria. This is what these UK steroids are so effective in. They are generally considered safe to use on children, but one must only use the ones meant for children’s skin because there are different classifications for these products depending upon the age of the patient and the product’s potency level.

Where to get topical steroids:

Steroids UK are basically easily accessible at any drug store. You can just get these UK steroids over the counter without much trouble as they’re considered mostly safe to use. People buy UK steroids all the time to fix any such issue going on with them or their children. Most topical steroids don’t need a prescription so you can easily spot steroids for sale signs at the nearest drug store and make the purchase.

Topical steroid application:

Topical steroids are basically applied directly onto your skin and comes in variety of options like skin ointment, facial cream, foam, gel, face oil, face wash, spray etc., Depending upon your skin type you should go for these options and always read the description if that particular packaging of steroid is for dry skin, oily skin or watery skin. Because all these packaging options are designed to cater to different skin types and surface areas. If you or your kid is having any such skin condition, then make sure that you check for the potency level for a topical steroid. Get the right packaged product according to the skin type, apply directly onto the affected skin area and make sure it doesn’t go into the eyes. 

What to expect when applying topical steroid:

Once applied on to the affected area, it may create some discomfort and itching which is basically a sign that ointment is working against bacteria. The itching or burning sensation will subside within a couple of minutes and you’ll start to feel better after some time. For the best possible results, it is always recommended that you apply it twice or thrice a day and avoid its use if you’re in a polluted surrounding already as the drug might not work and gets contaminated. So, make sure you wash your face, rinse it dry and in a comfortable environment before applying it onto the skin.

Side effects of topical steroids:

UK steroids, be it topical in nature or any other purpose, do have some side effects which one must watch out for. When it comes to topical steroids it is very unlikely that you will develop any serious side effects from the product. But it’s always better to have prior knowledge of what might be a possibility when you apply any topical steroid on to your children’s skin or even on yourself. For children, some kids might experience:

  • Redness around the applied skin area
  • Cutaneous atrophy, or as in, skin thinning disorder
  • Enlarged blood vessels
  • Temporary face swelling

If you notice any of these symptoms appearing and not subsiding after a couple of hours, you should get in touch with your doctor and explain to him your kid’s situation.

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