The relationship between steroids and bipolar disorder

The relationship between steroids and bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder – the word itself is self-explanatory, as it is suggestive of the fact when there are 2 different things as in bi are at opposite ends of the spectrum. So, in simple words, bipolar disorder is a mental issue that tends a person to behave like he or she is having extreme mood swings and unpredictable behaviors. Bipolar disorder is something which is constantly on the radar of psychiatrists and shrimps for the longest time. I am sure we do have some sort of a connection with such a person whose behaviors are so extreme that it kind of puts you off and you just cannot stand the company.

Some of us can relate to that as we too kind of go through this order at some point in life. How extreme it can get totally vary from person to person, but it does impact one’s social life in a great way. So much so that it can be so dangerous that people won’t stand their own behavior sometimes and try to harm them for something which is not in their control at all. So, bipolar disorders are a serious medical issue that needs to be addressed and treated with the proper approach.

Causes of bipolar behavior:

Now it is very difficult to pinpoint a certain reason and say oh, this is the reason one’s bipolar behavior, whereas in reality it could lead you back to one’s childhood and growing up years to. Something very recent and present like use of certain medications, mostly steroids UK or going through a rough patch in life. Often, we hear that this person is an introvert, this person is an extrovert, he likes to do this, or she behaves like this in a particular situation.

All these statements somewhat represent one’s personality and how he or she perceives things and situations and act accordingly. That is kind of the personality assessment for someone you don’t know or know a little bit about. Similarly, we can get to the root cause of a person having bipolar disorder if we know what his or her background as a person. Like in which manner he or she was raised as a child, the environment around them, any particular behavior they portrayed while they’re in their growing years.

All these things can reflect very well and explain a person’s bipolar behavior. Stats show that a person growing up in a happy household is more likely to be an extrovert and confident human being rather than someone who stayed in a reserved environment or exposure. Sometimes it also happens that a person is happy and jolly by nature but some life event or a bad memory can wipe that whole personality away. Similarly, a person can be lonely, introverted and known to be low on confidence and one good life experience changes his or her outlook towards life. That is the beauty of a human mind that it has the power to bring out different characters out of the same person.

Often we see people having different layers of personalities and you cannot really judge how that person is going to behave. Apart from childhood and sudden life experiences, another thing which can make you bipolar is how diverse your social circles are. For example, a person who enjoys different social circles can very well display totally different behavior and personality type when he’s in one social circle and can come across the opposite when he or she is in another social circle of friends and people. Surrounding and environment also impacts your behaviors. So,

  • Early childhood
  • Life incidents
  • Medication
  • Trauma or loss
  • Social circles
  • Environment

All these things can very well be a cause of one’s bipolar behavior and personality type.

How medication can trigger bipolar disorders:

Among all the mentioned factors, most look to be quite natural and something which a normal person kind of goes through except for the use of medications. When we say medication, we’re pointing towards something which is known to trigger such disorders and that is steroids for sale. The use of steroids UK can very well be a reason why a regular chilled-out guy would look like that he or she needs anger management therapy sessions. UK Steroids are famous for upsetting the natural hormonal balance of a human being thus, bringing out severe emotions at times and people who buy UK steroids and take them on a regular basis are primary victims of that. If you go to buy steroids UK over the counter or online, you’ll always find aggressive behavior as one of its side effects.

Athletes who are on a steroid cycle during a competition or a sports event always complain of being cranky and angry with even a little something which can trigger high emotions. So, bipolar disorder episodes seem more recurring when a sportsman is using steroids UK and in fact, do not socialize that much when they’re on a steroid cycle. Now displaying aggressive emotions is not just limited to anger only, the use of steroids can bring out all types of bipolar disorders.

Types of bipolar disorders:

Bipolar disorder is not just something like a person displaying 2 opposite behavioral traits or characteristics. It has far more layers in it.  A person may be manic, hypomanic, depressed, anxious and could be an insomniac. For example, a manic person means someone who is always high on emotion and energy. A manic person always looks at things with an extra dose of thrill and excitement and displays a very loud and over-the-top behavior. Similarly, hypomanic kind of portrays the same behavior but it’s more like a generally happy mood and jolly nature of a person. When it comes to a depressed person, his energy and emotion can look to be contained in a shell and he or she often looks disinterested.

As for someone who’s anxious, he looks more active than a depressed person, but movement doesn’t mean being responsive to the environment accordingly. He or she can be high on some random thoughts about the future which makes them look totally unapproachable to talk to. Now how often these moods happen in a recurring manner to a person depicts whether he’s suffering from Bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder or a cyclothymic disorder. 

  • Bipolar I disorder

A manic person displaying a hypomanic or a depressive mood without any reason for shorter while.

  • Bipolar II disorder  

A person may look happy and excited one moment and totally sad or depressive the other moment with recurring episodes of depression.

  • Cyclothymic disorder

A person is considered to be a happy kid or a teenager but grown up to be introverted and serious in adulthood and vice versa. Someone totally different from his or her earlier self.

So, the use of anabolic steroids UK can very well be the voice of the reason for all these disorders. That is why it is recommended to take precaution as these bipolar disorders can become uncontrollable if not treated right away.

Treatment for bipolar disorders:

If you’re having multiple episodes of bipolar disorders and you think it can hurt you or those around you then you must opt for the treatment options like,

  • Therapy
  • Regular exercise
  • Socializing with people you feel most comfortable with
  • Stopping any medication which makes you feel depressed or angry
  • Meditation 

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