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Yohimbine HCl 10 mg

Yohimbine is a generic drug which is made of either yohimbine or yohimbe bark extract. This medicine is used by males as a cure for their sexual problems. It works by increasing levels of adrenaline in the body It is also used by athletes to increase or improve their performance. Yohimbine increases the flow of blood to sexual parts of the body. This medication can also be taken by fitness freaks before their workout session or exercise. For effective results it is advised to take this medicine on an empty stomach. 

Benefits of Yohimbine HCl 10 mg

Some of the benefits which can be obtained by using this medicine include:

  1. Maintains the levels of insulin in the body.
  2. Can be used to cut fat.
  3. Can cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Improves the composition of the body.
  5. Bodybuilders can use this drug to build muscles. 

Side effects of Yohimbine HCl 10 mg

There are a number of side effects associated with the use of this drug. These include:

  1. Painful erection.
  2. Heart rate fluctuations.
  3. Sweating.
  4. Headaches.
  5. Anxiety.
  6. Panic attacks which can worse over time


There are no particular dosing guidelines for this drug. However, it is recommended to start with half dose to check its effectiveness. Some sources suggest that this drug should be taken in the amount of 10mg three times in a day. It should be kept in mind that yohimbine dose should not exceed 30mg per day.

Drug interactions

Yohimbine can interact with other drugs and result in serious outcomes. It is advised to consult a doctor first before taking this medicine. Severe interaction of this drug may include procarbazine, isocarboxazid, tranylcypromine etc.

Who should avoid taking Yohimbine HCl 10 mg

This drug should not be used by children or those who are hypersensitive to this drug. Also pregnant ladies and those who suffer from panic disorder should avoid taking this medicine. Moreover, those who have a history of heart or liver diseases should not take this drug. 

Where to buy Online in the UK?

Yohimbine is considered an illegal drug in the UK and in many other countries of the world. It is impossible to buy yohimbine UK over-the-counter from health stores. However there are numerous online drug providers which offer steroids for sale and from where you can buy steroids UK without showing any prescription. 

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Dimension Labs Yohimbine HCl 10 mg