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Intex Pharma Test Cyp 200mg/1ml

Intex Pharma Test Cyp 200 mg/1 ml is an injectable solution that is given into the muscles to treat symptoms of hypogonadism in males. It helps males produce testosterone, and a lower level of testosterone can lead to low sex drive, mood changes, erectile dysfunction, and poor concentration. Below is all the information that you need before you buy testosterone cypionate online in the UK and worldwide.

Benefits of Intex Pharma Test Cypionate:

Below are some of the key benefits that you can get from finding testosterone cypionate for sale:

  • Testosterone cypionate is one of the most effective options for restoring testosterone levels.
  • With responsible usage, males can expect an increase in libido, which promotes better erectile function.
  • Boost in energy and vitality.
  • Supports muscle growth.
  • Raise your metabolic rate, which helps you lose stubborn fat.
  • It is effective to use it as a part of testosterone replacement therapy, which makes men feel healthier and happier.

Misuse of Test Cypionate:

Being safe for usage by most people, the abusive usage of test cypionate can lead to several major health issues:

  • Prostate Cancer.
  • Taking the Test Cypionate injection for more than the recommended dosage or time can lead to serious health problems like heart failure, depression, psychosis, and extreme depression.
  • Abusive usage of this drug may raise your risk of developing blood clots, specifically in the lungs and deep veins of your legs.
  • When you buy test cypionate and use a high dose for more than the recommended time, it can lead to liver cancer and hepatitis.
  • Enlargement of prostate glands.
  • Men may suffer from a breast size increase issue called gynecomastia.

Side effects of testosterone cypionate:

Some of the common side effects of injectable cypionate that are mild and usually go away are:

  • Swelling at the injection site,
  • Mood swings,
  • More erections that last longer than normal,
  • a decrease in sperm count if abusive usage occurs.

Who Should Avoid Test Cypionate Injections?

  • Pregnant people should not consume test cypionate.
  • For seniors older than 65 years, it is advised not to use it for treating age-related testosterone issues.
  • People with blood clots.
  • People have diabetes.
  • People with high cholesterol levels.
  • People suffering from polycythemia, a disease in which the red blood cell count is elevated,.
  • People with sleep apnea.
  • People are suffering from or being treated with prostate cancer, breast cancer, and kidney problems.
  • People are suffering from liver disease.
  • People with a history of heart disease should avoid it as it might cause water and salt retention in the body, which leads to higher chances of a heart attack.

How to Buy Intex Pharma Test Cyp 200mg/1ml:

If you are looking for an authentic source to buy any testosterone enhancer or PCT, the UK Steroids Shop has a complete range for all your needs. You can find testosterone cypionate for sale at a decent price with safe delivery to your doorsteps in 24 hours if residing in the UK and 1 to 2 weeks internationally.



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    It is relatively more oily, so needs a bit more patience when injecting. I am not a chemist so no idea how to compare two chemical compounds. I think it works for me as a test would.


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Intex Pharma Test Cyp 200mg/1ml