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Active Half Life Active Half Life 8.5 Days
Dosage Dosage 300mg – 500mg Weekly
Acne Acne Yes
Acne Water Retention Yes
Hepatoxity Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Aromatization Yes
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 40 Days
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What is Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E?

Pharmaqo Labs is the brand name for Testosterone-E 300 – Test E. the drug Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E is used for increasing the level of testosterone in the body. It belongs to a kind of drugs known as Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids (AAS). The medicine is used for the treatment of rapid weight loss due to any disease or dysfunction. It is also used for increasing the production of testosterone in men, which are mandatory for healthy sexual life.

How Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E works?

Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E belongs to AAS type of drugs in which androgens help enhance sexual features and strength, while anabolic help in the growth or mass, muscle, and bones. Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E facilitates the testicles and pituitary glands in the generation of testosterone. It is used in testosterone replacement therapy for the treatment of hypogonadism in men. This medication is also prescribed to patients who have breast cancer after menopause.

How to use Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E?

It is highly recommended to use all medicines in consultation with the doctor or after discussing complete medical history with your pharmacist. Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E is an injectable drug that is injected into the muscle. Do no use it in veins. Usually, doctors recommend 50-400mg once or twice a month. While in the case of delayed puberty, the recommended age is 5-200mg once/twice a month. The dosage may also differ based on the age, condition, and medical history of the patient. In contrast, doctors may also increase or decrease the dosage due to the body’s response to the medication.


In male patients, do not use the medicine if you have untreated prostate or breast cancer. If you are allergic to the medicine or any of its ingredients, tell your doctor or pharmacist right away. Diabetic patients regularly monitor their blood sugar level as Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E decreases blood sugar level. Do not use this medicine if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. Do not use this medicine as it is harmful to the baby.

Side Effects

Side effects of all drugs depend on the age, condition, and medical history of the patient. Moreover, this medicine is not harmful; that is why your doctor, pharmacist or trainer has recommended it to you. This medicine may also increase cholesterol levels which may result in symptoms of heart or liver disease.

How to buy Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E online?

If the doctor prescribes you, you can buy Pharmaqo Labs Testosterone-E 300 – Test E online at UK Steroids.

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30 Reviews For This Product

  1. 30

    by erosholm (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with some quality test-e, this stuff is the real deal and at such a good price too. It gave me some good quality muscle around 2 weeks into my cycle, definitely going to stick with these guys.

  2. 30

    by Wayne2021 (verified owner)

    Have just started I’m a begginer but I trust I will see good results Arrived next day no vials was broken very happy with the purchase thanks uksteroids 💪🏽🤗

  3. 30

    by Tlamb (verified owner)

    Arrived with in 1.5 days of ordering immediately felt a change in my self after injection previous test was heavily under dosed

  4. 30

    by [email protected] (verified owner)

    Very good Came next day looks to be legit be my main supply from now on 5*

  5. 30

    by TeddyRayRay (verified owner)

    Second time I’ve bought this no issues at all would definitely buy again

  6. 30

    by Woodypusk (verified owner)

    Really quick and simple to order. Delivery took 1 day which I’m really pleased about no messing about product was as described. Cannot fault this company

  7. 30

    by Andris.16 (verified owner)

    Fast delivery just had my first injection yesterday
    Will see how it goes

  8. 30

    by Artem (verified owner)

    So I can consider that I wasn’t lucky with my order and my batch(2022) really underdosed

  9. 30

    by Corey Woodcock (verified owner)

    Had low testosterone naturally, used this product Test E for around 8 weeks now.. Absolutely awesome stuff it’s improved all aspects of how I was feeling.. Besides the fact of the massive gym improvements!

  10. 30

    by 4fizzy (verified owner)

    Delivered very quickly in discreet secure packaging.

  11. 30

    by Warrick1 (verified owner)

    Soldi product.

  12. 30

    by M hewitt (verified owner)

    Arrived within 24 hours
    Can’t wait to see results,
    Been on 400 mixed for a few weeks and decided I want pure e so can’t wait
    Thanks again

  13. 30

    by sedy (verified owner)

    Orderd 3 times always very fast delivery this time ordered on a Saturday afternoon arrived Monday morning the testosterone 300 ethanate is the real thing been on it 20 weeks was very skinny always struggled to put weight on and now weighing 1 stone heavier all muscle with very little work out 10-30 press ups a day and sit ups missing the odd day here and there no full on weight training atall have suffered with quite bad ache on my back which I understand is a side effect for some people which to me only goes towards proving that it is the real deal..definitely order from this company and be very careful of multiple websites with very similar names!!!!

  14. 30

    by Rwoodcock (verified owner)

    Testosterone level was 7 nmol/L. Started injecting 8 weeks ago at 180mg per week. Just had blood work done and testosterone now at 49.5 nmol/L. Think that speaks for itself. Although a bit higher than I want to be at so lowering my dose. Delivery was very quick.

  15. 30

    by Paul Antony Grainger (verified owner)

    Great stuff bloodwork half way through cycle was 127nmol incredible

  16. 30

    by HenryPendragon (verified owner)

    Really Amazing

  17. 30

    by Elysi (verified owner)

    Solid mass builder, can’t go wrong with a bit of test-E for a good price

  18. 30

    by jakegotti (verified owner)

    Genuinely the cleanest test I’ve used.
    Usually get acne flare ups from other tests but genuinely don’t with this one maybe carrier oil? Either way this is my go to for the last year

  19. 30

    by Resovia1905 (verified owner)

    All good !! Recommend this product !

  20. 30

    by Simon Holmblad (verified owner)

    Blood work came back after one week of using this product my testosterone levels are at 3461 that’s insane considering I only been taking 270mg a week , extremely strong compound feel great. I do get some injection pain but from subq injection but I heard enanthate is not optimal for subq so might order cypionate.
    So yh to sum up this review I’m super happy the compound is amazing and within one week I have gone from 360 testosterone level to 3461 and I been taking a small amount madness.

  21. 30

    by Scott.o. (verified owner)

    I’m 53 with low testosterone due to age. This stuff is the real deal, mood up, strength up, stamina up, sex drive up, muscle growth seriously up. Only side effect I’ve had is sore injection sites but I can live with that. I stacked it once with Dianabol and weight shot up but Dianabol has water retention, so was to be expected. Make sure you buy the proper needles and syringes as Test-E is thick and oily. Ie 23g 1.5” needles.

  22. 30

    by Ashton Griffin (verified owner)

    Solid stuff gained 10kg in 5 weeks so far.

  23. 30

    by Marek K (verified owner)

    Very good product. It contains as much concentration as stated on the label. After conducting tests in the previous cycle, I can 100% recommend this product!

  24. 30

    by Michal Opalski (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase of this product, so far the best E 300 I have used. I felt a huge difference compared to previous ones from other companies. Thanks

  25. 30

    by Wathanyu Srida (verified owner)

    Very good product whether to bulk or cut

  26. 30

    by Izzy01 (verified owner)

    Arrived next day, definitely my main supplier from now on

  27. 30

    by yilmazsah (verified owner)

    Im on the 3rd week now feel fuller and much stronger just taking 450mg (1.5ml).

  28. 30

    by [email protected] (verified owner)

    Fast delivery great product can feel it (said my rat) *****

  29. 30

    by Carl Brown (verified owner)

    This is the product to have out off every thing ive tryed . 1.5 mil 4 x aweek does the job

    10 out 10

  30. 30

    by M1ck1b (verified owner)

    Great product felt amazing with noticeable gains at the end of cycle


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