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Test P – Paragon Labs

  • ·        Composition: Testosterone Propionate
  • ·        Potency: 100mg/1ml
  • ·        Dosage: 200 mg EOD

Testosterone Propionate served as the foundation for the development of this injectable anabolic steroids Uk. Bodybuilders Buy test P to frequently employ it to get ready for competitions and get over stage fright. Its short half-life is no longer than two days. It is effectively removed from the body at the same time.

Properties of the drug and its effects

Testosterone Propionate is frequently used by athletes to increase their strength and endurance while also adding quality muscle growth. With no water volume, it provides reliable and consistent results.

When ingested, Test Prop causes the following effects:

Increased strength and endurance; increased libido, motivation, mood, and hunger; increased strength of bones and joints; maintenance of high-quality muscular growth with minimum fluid content;

Rapid recuperation following exercise.Once the first injections are given, the drug starts to work extremely quickly. Within a few hours, the effect becomes noticeable. Weak and extremely infrequent adverse effects are associated with testosterone propionate. Because of this characteristic, even beginners can utilize it.


Before you buy test P online form Us or any other store you should speak with a sports medicine professional to assist you pick the dosage before beginning a Testosterone Propionate cycle. The following is the typical pattern of intake:

350mg is the highest weekly dosage that is allowed. Starting doses for the medication should be 50 mg every other day.

Not more than 1.5 to 2 months should pass between lessons.

The medicine should be taken with other AAS, such as Stanozolol, Methandienone, Trenbolone, and others, to get the best results. The precise combinations depend on the desired goals, the exercise regimen, and the food being followed.

  • You should keep an eye on your health and hormonal balance throughout the programme.
  • You ought to receive post-cycle therapy after finishing the course (PCT). This aids in restoring the male hormone’s natural production.
  • Women are able to utilize the medication. For them, the course lasts six weeks and the dosage is decreased to 25–50 mg per week.
  • Anti-oestrogenic medications, PCT agents, and steroids for combination regimens are all available in our inventory.

Possible side effects

People Who Buy Test P  and use this steroid can have less adverse effects on the body than other esters. There is no liver toxicity. Like all testosterone-based products, the Magnum Pharmaceuticals medication promotes the aromatization process. As a result, the following adverse effects could manifest:

  • Gynecomastia;
  • Alopecia;
  • Skin rashes;
  • Increased sweating;
  • High aggressiveness;
  • Severe irritability.
  • The chance of side effects is low if you stick to the recommended dosage and course length.

Testosterone Propionate reviews

The majority of the medicine reviews are favorable. The strength, concentration, self-confidence, and willingness to accomplish new goals have all significantly risen, according to athletes. Using testosterone propionate, you can build a well-defined, attractive body and improve your stamina and endurance. You can boost your confidence and easily and swiftly get ready for upcoming tournaments with its assistance. Buy Testosterone Propionate online from our store right away if you wish to accomplish your aims!


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