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Active Half Life Active Half Life 6-8 HOURS
Dosage Dosage 10mg – 20mg
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 90 Days
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What is Pharmaqo Labs Superdrol 25?

Pharma Labs Superdrol 25 is one of the sturdiest orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS), but I can also use it in vail liquid form. It contains nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, which repair tear-able tissues of muscles.

How Pharmaqo Labs Superdrol 25 works?

Superdrol 25 works with the finest rolling out treatment and regent more tissues in the body. Largely Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 25 gives the advantage to those who have extra protein synthesized, and nitrogen retained more muscle tissue is built. The faster the rate of synthesis and retention, the quicker you will bulk up your muscles. When bodybuilders are in the gym, and during training, their muscle tissues & microfibers get torn inside, your trainer will recommend you these Steroids to repair and make them grow. Superdrol 25 combines well with Test Base, Nandrotest, and Tren Acetate, to name a few. This treatment Program should continue from 4 to 6 weeks which grows up solid lean tissue gains from 8-14lbs in 4/ 6 weeks. It Oxygenated muscle tissues, visibly reduced body fat levels, elevated stamina, and all within a 4 to 6 week period.

How to use Pharmaqo Labs Superdrol 25?

Usage of Pharmaqo Superdrol 25 is to build up muscles and help out to gain weight properly. Most men are interested in bulking up their bodies, muscles for an attractive and shaped up body. Superdrol 25 injectable dosage should never exceed 1ml maximum per day, with the ideal 25mg every day. It is recommended to start on 25mg every other if never used before. In the past few years, females were not interested in making shape up and eye-catching their bodies, but now they are more conscious about it. And few of them take a light dose of Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 25 by injection or orally. 


Pharmaqo Labs Supersus 400 is most suitable for treating low levels of testosterone in a male body. But suggestable is this, visit your doctor and discuss your complete medical history with him/her. Sometimes people try to use it by themselves at home, and it would be suggestable for those to take doctor advice once. Mostly, an advisable dose of Pharmaqo Labs Super 400 is 10-20 MG in a day.

Side effects

Supersus 25 is more effective for the most part, but rarely does it have some side effects. If you are under treatment, do ask your physician for both advantages & disadvantages of it. More often, here are few effects that may change your physical condition, are as below:

  • Abnormal heartbeat 
  • Acne / Pigmentation 
  • Swelling of muscles
  • Mood swings 
  • Fever and Headache

How to buy Pharmaqo Labs Superdrol 25?

You want to recover, repair and maintain your torn muscles, purchase Pharmaqo Labs Superdrol 25 online. You can buy it from UK Steroids. UK Steroids have multiple Steroids ranges, and it’s an impeccable place to buy a legal steroid.

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Pharmaqo Labs Superdrol 25