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Intex Pharma Bacteriostatic Water, 10 ml

Intex Pharma Bacteriostatic Water is designed for use only after the addition of drugs that require dilution or must be dissolved. Bacteriostatic water is sterile, nonpyrogenic water for injection containing benzyl alcohol as a preservative. With a pH ranging from 4.5 to 7.0 and, to be precise, 5.7, it is supplied in 10 ml and may be used several times.

Usage of Bacteriostatic Water and Side Effects:

Bacteriostatic water is most often used to hydrate peptides to their required concentration before being injected. There are almost no side effects of bacterial water, and if they occur, they may be related to the added contamination. A few of the common side effects are:

  • Venous Thrombosis.
  • Tissue death.
  • Infections at the injection site.
  • Abscess formation.

Safety Measures for Long-Term Use:

To use your bacteriostatic water for a longer time, make sure to use a clean needle each time. Bacteriostatic water can be used for up to a month before disposal. This helps in saving your budget and keeping your bacteriostatic water available for daily use. To store the bacteriostatic water for injections for a longer period, it is recommended to:

  • Store in a cool location, maintaining a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Store in a location away from direct sunlight.
  • Without exposure to heat and light, this can increase the shelf life by months or years.

`Usage of Bacteriostatic Water:

The basic usage of bacteriostatic water is for diluting medication for sucatenous injections and for intramuscular injections for reconstituting medications.

Medical Application:

People buy bacteriostatic water injections primarily for parenteral injections, in which the drug is directly injected into the body. Bacteriostatic water is used to create a solution by dissolving drugs, which provides a reliable method for delivering medication based on need. When preparing vaccines, it is important to add bacteriostatic water. To inhibit bacterial growth and maintain the stability of the medication. The common three uses are:

  1. Multiple uses required in concentrated liquid medicines require dilution with bacteriostatic water.
  2. To prepare a solvent from powdered medicines.
  3. Bacteriostatic water can be used to clean and prevent bacterial growth in equipment such as humidifiers.
  4. It can be used for intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intradermal injections.

It is also advised not to use this water in neonatal patients—nephews with life-threatening illnesses. The use of bacteriostatic water can increase blood pressure to high levels and cause toxicity.

Injecting bacteriostatic water alone?

The dosage should only be injected when diluted with appropriate medication and a clean needle. The rupturing of blood vessels can cause hemolysis.

Where to Buy Bacteriostatic Water Online:

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Intex Pharma Bacteriostatic Water 10ml