Intex Pharma Anavar 50 – 50mg x 60 tabs (Var50)


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Intex Pharma Anavar 50–50 mg x 60 tabs (Var50)

For bodybuilders and enthusiasts looking to add strength and muscle at the same time, Anavar is the most recommended option to buy. It was first brought into existence to treat patients to regain their lost weight due to certain medical conditions such as injuries, infections, and surgery, but later gained popularity among bodybuilders due to its ability to provide strength, aesthetics, and bone pain relief. If you also want to buy Anavar online and know about its benefits and recommended dosage, we will give you all the answers.

Benefits of Intex Pharma Anavar 50:

With thousands of benefits to bodybuilders that make people search for Anavar for sale, below are some of the benefits mentioned to tell you why it is famous among people:

  • Increasing Strength:

Anavar is famous for its use by bodybuilders who want to enhance physical strength and build muscle while improving overall health. It provides extra help to push your body beyond its limits.

  • Muscle gain and fat loss:

People buy Anavar due to its ability to help with fat loss and muscle gain at the same time. It makes the body retain its mass during the cutting phase, which makes it useful for use when on a caloric deficit diet.

  • Fast muscle recovery:

Anavar helps to assist in rapid recovery from extreme workouts, which helps to heighten endurance and speed. In addition, proper usage can help improve efficiency and recovery.

  • Muscle Pumping Properties:

With the recommended dosage and following a proper diet plan, Anavar can help promote vascularity and muscle pump, which helps in achieving a ripped physique.

Side effects of Anavar:

Anavar 50 is preferred over other anabolic steroids due to its ability to provide unmatched results, but misuse might lead to health issues such as:

  • Mood Issues,
  • Improper bone density,
  • Liver diseases.
  • Heart attack,
  • Skin discoloration.
  • Changes in sexual interests.
  • Oily skin and acne.
  • Urinating issues.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • In women, it causes virilization, which leads to facial and body hair growth, deepening of voice, and enlarged clitoris.

Adding Intex Pharma Anavar 50 to your fitness stack:

Anavar tablets are consumed with water, and in cases of stomach upset, they can be taken with milk or food as well. Dosage for each person varies based on goals, medical conditions, and personal goals.

Conclusion: The best place to buy Anavar online:

To buy Anavar and get it delivered to your doorsteps, UK Steroid Shop is the best option for making a safe purchase. With a range of authentic anabolic steroids, you can visit their website and place an order that will be packaged in a discreet envelope, and you will not have to face the hassle of finding it physically by moving stores to stores.



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Intex Pharma Anavar 50 - 50mg x 60 tabs (Var50)