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Cytomel T3 (6050mcg)

Cytomel is a prescription drug which is primarily used to treat hypothyroidism and nontoxic goiter which is a situation in which the thyroid gland gets enlarged. It is also prescribed for treating certain other medical conditions like myxedema. It’s basically falls under the category of thyroid products. It is basically a synthetic form of thyroid hormone which is used to prevent a range of thyroid disorders. The generic name of brand Cytomel is liothyronine. It works by providing or replacing thyroid hormones in the event when thyroid gland is not functioning well. 

Side effects of Cytomel T3 (6050mcg)

There are different side effects associated with the use of this drug. These include:

  1. Hair loss (mostly in children).
  2. Headaches.
  3. Menstrual changes.
  4. Intolerance to heat.
  5. Sleep awakening or trouble falling asleep.
  6. Irritability.
  7. Mood changes.
  8. Abdominal cramps.
  9. Weight fluctuations.
  10. Tremors.


The dosage of this drug is determined by the doctor who investigates the current condition of the patient and prescribes the dose then to the patient. For example if you are suffering from mild hypothyroidism the recommended dosage is 25 mcg daily which can then be increased depending on the response to the drug while for myxedema the recommended dose is 5 mcg every day which can then be increased to 10 mcg daily. Therefore the dosage of Cytomel varies with the type of thyroid disorder which needs to be cured. 

Drug interactions

Cytomel can interact with a number of drugs which can result in adverse outcomes. Therefore it is advised to consult a doctor first and share all the medical history so that no serious side effects occur. It is advised to stop taking blood thinners like warfarin when on Cytomel. Moreover if you are on drugs like digoxin, insulin, metformin etc. it is advised to monitor closely your health conditions while being simultaneously on Cytomel. 

Who should avoid taking Cytomel T3 (6050mcg)

This drug should not be used by those who suffer from thyrotoxicosis and adrenal insufficiency. Moreover, it should also not be taken by high blood pressure patients or those who suffer from angina. 

Where to buy Cytomel T3 (6050mcg)

Cytomel is a prescription only drug in the UK which means it cannot be bought over the counter without a prescription from a doctor. But there are many different online options or drug stores which operate over the web which offer all the prescription steroids for sale and from where you can buy steroids UK or buy Cytomel UK with easy payment and delivery options.

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Dimension Labs Cytomel T3 (6050mcg)