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If you have already tried getting bigger at home, then you have already known that building muscle mass on your own is not a plain sailing task. And most of the time, home remedies fail. It’s high time for you to get serious about growing those big muscles for good.

What is Cenzo pharma Anavar 10mg?

Anavar 10mg is an anabolic steroid that improves your muscle mass without requiring exercise and dietary changes. By stimulating protein synthesis, it performs this job admirably. In fact, not only it makes you bulkier, but also elevates your libido so that you can perform well in bed. So, hurry up! Buy Anavar 10mg cenzo pharma online now to start living the life of your dreams!

Anavar Results

Anavar has been creating buzz all over the world since its arrival. Millions of male and female athletes are using it on a regular basis to experience muscle gains. It has an active half-life of eight to twelve hours and goes well with test prop and tren ace. Clearly, however, when it comes to working, it takes a long time to achieve the required outcomes. What’s more? This supplement is also excellent for cutting. All gains obtained with it will be solid, strong muscles. However, if you want to keep up the results, do follow a strong PCT regimen after it.

How does it work?

One of the most tolerated steroids UK available, Anavar works towards improving protein synthesis, red blood cell production, nitrogen retention and T-level in an immense manner. Overall, its regular consumption enhances your physical appearance and athletic performance!

Dosage and directions

The general dosage for Anavar 10mg cenzo pharma is 20-150mg per day.  You are encouraged to consume one pill at night and another one in the morning. Also, do not skip any of its dosages as it may slow down the working of this formula. Just stick to the recommended use for at least eight weeks continuously to reap the full benefits of this supplement.

Things to recall!

Before you begin taking Anavar 10mg, there are a few things you should be aware of, including:

  • Do not alter the dose, as doing so can result in very serious adverse effects
  • Avoid taking this supplement if you are allergic to oxandrolone or any of its other ingredients
  • Males with breast cancers are also strictly forbidden from its use
  • For storage, place it in a dark and cool place only

Anavar 10mg cenzo pharma side effects

The most common side effects that come with ANAVAR 10MG – CENZO PHARMA are:

  • Changes in sexual interest
  • Hairloss
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Nausea

Where to buy Anavar 10mg Cenzo Pharma in UK?

Want to take your bulking up game to the next level using Anavar 10mg in a safe and secure manner? You will not be sorry if you choose us for your steroid order. We are a well-known retailer of UK steroids, with patient happiness our top priority!


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