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TIROMEL T3 is an oral medication which serves as a thyroid hormone drug to treat hypothyroid patients. It is a synthetic equivalent of thyroid found in the human body. Tiromel is also used widely by bodybuilders or athletes to burn extra fat which is accumulated in the body. It is advised to take this drug in moderation as its abuse can lead to dysfunction of thyroid gland and insulin sensitivity. It can also lead to hyperthyroidism if taken in excessive amounts for a long period of time. 

Benefits of TIROMEL T3

There are a number of benefits which can be obtained by using this medication. These include:

  1. Increases metabolism.
  2. Enhances performance of athletes.
  3. Burns excess fat.
  4. Used to treat thyroid insufficiency.
  5. Improved mood.
  6. Increased concentration.
  7. More energy.
  8. Lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.

Side effects 

There are a variety of steroids for sale across the world which are used to treat hypothyroidism. But it should be kept in mind that every such steroid comes with side effects. Some of the side effects associated with Tiromel T3 include:

  1. Muscle weakness.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Breathing issues.
  4. Increased appetite.
  5. Irritability.
  6. Irregular menstrual cycles.
  7. Tremors.
  8. Metabolic disorders.
  9. Heart palpitations.
  10. Nausea.

Dosage of TIROMEL T3

It is advised to be very careful while taking TIROMEL and deciding its dosage as it is a potent drug and can lead to adverse outcomes especially in females. It is highly recommended to start with a low dose and then increase it slowly after a period of time while monitoring current condition. Low dose of 25 mcg is a good starting point which can be increased to 100 mcg after some time. It is advised to not take this medication for more than six weeks and to take a gap of more than two months before starting the next cycle. 


Tiromel cannot be used by people who suffer from untreated hypopituitarism which is a condition in which hormones are not produced by the pituitary gland. Also those suffering from hyperthyroidism cannot take this medicine. 

Wher you Buy Online in UK?

There are a lot of online sellers or pharmacies from where you can buy steroids UK many of which sell drugs used to cure thyroid issues one of them being Tiromel. You can buy Tiromel T3 which is available under different generic forms and with different dosages without showing prescription. 

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