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5 Types Of Injectable Testosterone

Overview Of Testosterone:

Testosterone is a kind of androgen or a male sex hormone which is found in the testicles. It is one of the main hormones which regulates the production of red blood cells, muscle mass, fertility among other things. It plays an important role in the sexual functioning of men. It is of crucial importance that the levels of testosterone remain at stable levels in the body. The deficiency of testosterone can lead to a number of medical conditions which can be serious as well. Due to any underlying medical condition in men, the production of testosterone decreases which leads to a number of illnesses like hypogonadism, infertility, delayed puberty etc. To overcome such issues, doctors usually prescribe injectable testosterone and other types of drugs which contain testosterone. There are a number of forms in which testosterone is available in the market. Doctors can prescribe any of the form of testosterone depending on certain factors. 

Forms Of Testosterone:

Testosterone comes in different forms and the type is determined by the doctor. The different forms of testosterone or male sex hormone are as follows:

An example of transdermal patches of testosterone include Androderm. These patches are applied on the skin and for best and effective results should be applied at the same time every day usually at night. These patches should be left for a period of 24 hours. Moreover, it is important to pick a new part of the body for net patch. It is important to take a gap of at least seven days before applying the patch at the same spot again.

The pellets of testosterone are also used as a hormone replacement therapy. These pellets are implanted by the doctor under the skin. These pellets are tiny in size usually have a size similar to rice. These pellets contain testosterone in crystallized form. By using such kinds of pellets, only a small dose of testosterone goes in the body. 

The testosterone which comes in the form of gels is usually available in the form of prescription and not over the counter. Such a type of gel is applied directly to the skin of the affected person. However, caution needs to be taken while using testosterone gel as it can transfer to the body of another person close by. Therefore, the person needs to cover that area with a dry cloth until the medicine has dried. Examples of such type include Testim, Androgel etc. 

The most common form of the synthetic testosterone is pills or capsules. Such capsules are prescribed by the doctors to boys to treat their delayed puberty. Also, the capsules and pills are prescribed to men who suffer from reduced levels of testosterone. Apart from use in men, females also use testosterone pills for the treatment of breast cancer. 

Another common form of testosterone includes injections which were one of the older forms introduced in the market. This type comes in liquid form and is given deeply in the muscles. The main ingredient in such injections includes testosterone cypionate and this type comes in different strengths like 100 and 200 mg. 

Uses Of Testosterone:

There are a number of uses of synthetic testosterone. This medicine is more commonly used by males than females. Common uses are as follows:

  • This sex hormone results in fat reduction.
  • Testosterone also promotes muscle mass in bodybuilders. 
  • In men, testosterone is vital or good for libido.
  • Improves mood.
  • Increases thinking abilities.
  • Makes bones strong.
  • Keeps heart healthy.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • In females, testosterone influences the reproductive tissue health.
  • In men, this hormone influences the growth of penis and testicles.
  • It also supports stamina and energy.
  • Metabolism can also be maintained by using testosterone.
  • Testosterone also helps to relief stress.

Dangers Of Using Testosterone:

Although testosterone offers a number of benefits to the people, it can also lead to a number of risks if misused. Some of the risks associated with the use of testosterone are as follows:

  1. In men, misuse of testosterone can cause enlargement of breasts.
  2. The overuse of this sex hormone can shrink the size of testicles.
  3. There is a risk of liver damage by using testosterone.
  4. People report problems related with bone growth as well.
  5. High blood pressure is another side effect of using this medicine.
  6. Misuse of testosterone can lead to infertility as well.
  7. Those who use synthetic testosterone also report increased aggression.
  8. There are increased chances of stroke by using testosterone.
  9. Testosterone therapy can contribute to sleep apnea as well.
  10. In men, synthetic testosterone can stimulate the growth of prostate cancer as well.
  11. This type of hormone can also limit the production of sperms.

Different Types Of Injectable Testosterone:

Injectable forms of testosterone offer a number of benefits to the people as a result of which they buy Testosterone UK. Moreover, the injectable form of testosterone is the most commonly used form among others. Some types of testosterone injections are as follows:

1.      Testosterone Enanthate

Many people buy test E among other types of injectable testosterone. This injectable form is commonly used by such men who suffer from testosterone deficiency. Testosterone enanthate or Test E is injected intramuscularly every five days in order to maintain the levels of testosterone. 

2.      Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is another kind or type of injectable testosterone which is a long-acting testosterone and is used in the dose strength of between 100 to 200 mg a day and should be used after every seven days. However, the correct dose depends on the current medical condition and current levels of testosterone in the body. 

3.      Testosterone Undecanoate

Another injectable form of testosterone is known as testosterone undecanoate and is used by such men whose testicles do not produce enough amount of testosterone. Such testosterone deficiency can lead to a number of risks and dangers. Testosterone undecanoate is injected in the buttock muscles and the second dose is given after four weeks. And the third and subsequent doses are given after a gap of ten weeks.

4.      Testosterone propionate

This type of injectable testosterone is primarily used by bodybuilders to build muscle mass. This type of synthetic testosterone is used to treat the androgen deficiency in men. 

5.      Testosterone Suspension

This type of testosterone contains no ester and gives faster results as compared to testosterone propionate. 

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