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Steroids are the best alternative to helping you gain muscle mass and strength faster. Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is common when choosing the best steroids to help you gain faster when kickstarting your steroid cycle. Manufacturers derive Anadrol from dihydrotestosterone, and it has various properties or components to enhance instant results.

Most Anadrol comes with an 8 or 9-hour half-life, making it available in daily dosage orally. However, it’ll be wise to consider the dosage to prevent adverse side effects when using this steroid. Read through the article to understand everything about the steroid and the Anadrol cycle.

What is Anadrol?

Anadrol or Oxymetholone is an androgenic and anabolic steroid mostly available in oral form. Most individuals recognize it as an effective and potent steroid for strength, powerlifting, and bodybuilding needs. You can use this steroid to add more bulk instantly, and it may also effectively alleviate muscle wasting diseases.

The steroid has components that increase your craving for food and improve muscle growth. Furthermore, various studies show it significantly impacts red blood cell functioning to enhance muscle growth, strength, and power. Nonetheless, these steroids also come with side effects that you must understand how to deal with them to improve optimal results.

Anadrol Benefits

Experts reveal that Anadrol is useful when starting your steroid cycle or preparing for the training. Furthermore, taking Anadrol comes with various benefits to enhance your muscle gains. Below are the significant Anadrol benefits:

Provides kick off gains when starting your steroid cycle

Unlike the other steroids, Anadrol helps you achieve more gains when starting your steroid cycle. Many individuals combine Anadrol with other slow-acting steroids in a specific stack to enhance their results.

Increases your appetite level

Anadrol is key to helping you gain more weight faster as it enhances your food cravings. However, it’ll be good to consider the dosage to help balance your appetite. Studies show that taking more Anadrol causes reverse appetite effects that impact your performance and gains. Preferably, taking a minimal dosage of about 100 or 150 mg daily will help improve your appetite.

Stacks well with additional steroids

Many individuals rarely use Anadrol alone, as you need to combine it with other compounds. When using them with other steroids, Anadrol offers instant results as it blends well with the other steroids that continue to enhance the results. Experts advise that you consider combining Anadrol with other forms of testosterone to improve your results.

Anadrol Dosage

Anadrol is one of the most simple steroids which doesn’t require injection or stress when taking them. When taking them, most users prefer to take them once per day. This steroid comes in 50mg tablets or dosages, making it convenient to take the optimal dosage (50mg or 100mg per day).

Most studies reveal that you can hit your peak gains at a 100mg dosage per day when using this steroid. However, the gains decrease after attaining the optimal dosage while side effects increase. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the optimal dosage to help you balance your gains and side effects.

Keeping an Anadrol cycle to a maximum of 4-6 weeks will be imperative to get maximum gains. Additionally, it’ll be wise to combine this steroid with other slow-acting compounds when using this steroid. You can use Anadrol to kickstart the cycle and let the other compounds take over the cycle after the effects of Anadrol drops.

Anadrol Cycles

There is usually a considerable difference in the dosage when having your Anadrol cycle, depending on the experience levels. Before starting your cycle, it’s good to understand that Anadrol is effective when taken at moderate doses. If you increase the doses, the effects drop off, leading to more side effects. Notably, the steroid may result in liver toxicity, a limiting factor. Thus, it’ll be wise to avoid excessive levels when you have your cycle.

Beginner Anadrol cycle

It’ll be good to start at a 50mg dosage per day to get instant and exceptional results when starting your cycle. However, if you’re worried about the possible side effects, you can choose half of the 25mg tablet. This dosage is usually highly effective and also reduces the adverse side effects until you understand how to take or control them. Choosing a four-week Anadrol cycle is suitable for you as a beginner.

Intermediate cycle

Experts reveal that intermediate users can also benefit from taking a 50mg daily dosage. After starting with the 50mg daily dosage, you can increase it gradually to 100mg to enhance faster muscle mass, strength, and gains. Nonetheless, when increasing the dosage, ensure you are cautious about the possible side effects to mitigate estrogenic side effects. Choosing a maximum 6-week Anadrol cycle will be essential to prevent severe liver toxicity and damage.

Advanced Anadrol cycle

Advanced users will either use this steroid to bulk up massively or for cutting purposes. Most advanced users prefer to take a 100 mg daily dose for enhanced bulking for 4-6 weeks. Furthermore, as an advanced user, it’ll be good to combine the steroid with products such as ARimedx to control the side effects.

Combining the steroid with Testosterone Cypionate 500mg weekly for 8-12 weeks will provide optimal results at the advanced bulking stage. However, when taking these high doses, it’ll be essential to consider the adverse effects the dosage may cause to your liver.

Stacking Anadrol

Despite your expertise level, you’ll often use this testosterone as part of a significant stack. You can use it at the beginning of the cycle to kickstart the best steroid cycle, as the other steroid compound takes over the cycle when the Anadrol effects drop. Choosing the best stack is an appropriate way of enhancing effective and instant results.

When having a stack, choosing an Anadrol dosage of between 25 to 100mg will help provide optimal results and prevent liver toxicity. Experts advise that stacking your 100mg Anadrol with 50mg Winstrol produces quality strength and results.

Furthermore, you may consider a stack with lower doses of Dianabol and Anadrol, where Dianabol extends up to 6 weeks, while Anadrol ceases its effects at four weeks. You can gradually increase the dosage to 200 mg of Dianabol and 5mg of Anadrol weekly. After the cycles, it’ll be great to have a two-week break and later have a 3-week Anadrol PCT protocol.

Anabolic Results

Anadrol is an essential steroid for your instant muscle mass gains and strength. When using this steroid with other steroid compounds, you’re sure of witnessing rapid and instant improvement after starting your Anadrol cycle. It’ll be good to continue the cycle with powerful steroids to get the best returns, as Anadrol effects cease after the first week. The following are the anabolic results of this steroid:

Achieve significant gains

When using Anadrol, the steroid guarantees you instant and massive gains, approximately 30 pounds during the cycle. However, you’ll need to consume more calories to retain these gains. You must also incorporate potent steroid compounds to take over when the Anadrol effect stops.

Provides rapid results

Anadrol is one of the fast-acting steroids, and you can notice exceptional fast gains upon using it. The results include strength improvement and bulking. Nonetheless, when receiving these positive results, it’ll be vital to consider the appropriate way to maintain them.

When using this steroid, you’ll realize the benefits within the first four weeks after using Anadrol. Therefore, it’ll be wise not to extend the cycle to more than six weeks as it may result in high levels of hepatotoxicity, damaging your liver.

Anabolic Side Effects

Despite being a non-aromatizing steroid, Anadrol has various side effects related to the increase in estrogen level it causes. Before you start using this steroid, it’ll be wise to understand its side effects and how to control them. Below are the main side effects of using the anabolic steroids:

● Liver toxicity

● Severe headache

● Gynecomastia

● Bloating and water retention

● Increases the levels of bad cholesterol

● Affects your appetite

● Suppresses natural hormones, including testosterone

● Leads to mood swing

Anadrol Post Cycle Therapy

The Anadrol PCT is essential to restore your natural hormone production after your cycle. It’ll be necessary to ensure that you get testosterone production back to normal when the Anadrol cycle ends. Choosing the right PCT protocol helps increase your natural hormone production to enhance a quick return to your testosterone level in the body.

When starting it, choosing the right PCT protocol will depend on the additional steroids you include in the start, apart from the Anadrol you used at the beginning. For instance, you can begin the PCT two weeks after ending your Anadrol and testosterone cypionate cycle. You can use an aromatase inhibitor during the therapy to control your estrogen level and through your PCT period.

 Anadrol FAQs

Will Anadrol use lead to water retention?

Using high doses of Anadrol may result in water retention. It’s a common side effect of the steroid, which you can control by using a proper aromatase inhibitor and an optimal diet.

What is the appropriate dose for Anadrol?

Anadrol is a powerful steroid that is effective even in lower 50mg per day doses. You can adjust the dosage to 100mg daily, but remember that high doses might lead to various long-term effects on your cholesterol or liver.

What is the appropriate component to stack with Anadrol?

With the rapid gains that cease quickly, it’ll be good to stack Anadrol with other powerful steroids. Testosterone is the most appropriate stripe non-stick with Anadrol to enhance your results or gains.

Can you use Anadrol for cutting?

Most experienced and advanced users use this steroid for specialist cutting purposes. Despite the bad reputation for its cutting purposes, you can get the best results when you use it appropriately.

Can you take Anadrol daily?

Anadrol has a short half-life of 8 and 9 hours, making it a fast-acting compound. Therefore it’ll be good to take it daily to enhance your gains. Using it every day helps get optimal results and reduces the adverse side effects.


Anadrol is an essential and powerful steroid for your mass gains, raw strength, and anabolic testosterone power tripling. A proper Anadrol cycle, workout, and diet will be necessary for your muscle strength and gains. However, when using this steroid, it’ll be wise to consider the correct dosage to prevent the advanced side effects of the steroid. After ending the cycle, choosing a proper anabolic post-therapy protocol will also help enhance optimal gains, return natural body hormone production and reduce the side effects.

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