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Dianabol Review: Uses, Risks, Alternatives, and Results

Overview of Dianabol:

There are a number of different anabolic steroids which are used for building muscles and for increasing the performance overall. Moreover, many anabolic steroids is use for medicinal purposes as well. Most of such anabolic steroids help to regulate the levels of testosterone in the body as well. Dianabol which in short known as DBol is also an anabolic steroid which is widely used in the field of athletics and bodybuilding by many people who want to grow and build their muscles stronger and also want to increase and enhance their overall performance. This steroid is also available as methandrostenolone in the market. Many users worry about how does Dianabol work but once they start using it, they find it very effective in many respects. While Dianabol is an effective steroid for many people it can makes a person extremely tired and also cause swelling of different parts of the body. 

What Does Dianabol Do?

The working of Dianabol is very similar to many other anabolic and androgenic steroids which used primarily to build muscles in a short period of time. This drug used by many bodybuilders who want to build or grow their muscles rapidly. As Dianabol is an anabolic steroid, its anabolic effects lead to increase in overall strength along with increasing muscle mass. All this is done by increased levels of testosterone in the body and protein synthesis. Users of this steroid can retain more nitrogen which in turn goes into the muscle tissues and then there it converts to protein. And later these proteins are absorbed by muscle tissue. This is effective for growing strong muscles. 

Side Effects Of Dianabol:

As Dianabol is one of the powerful anabolic steroids, it can cause a number of side effects especially in those who use it for the first time or who use it for long periods of time. Therefore many people consider this steroid to be more harmful than effective. Some of the side effects include:

Alternatives to Dianabol:

Two famous alternatives to Dianabol include:

1. D-Bal

One of the common alternatives to Dianabol is a natural supplement made by Crazy Bulk known as D-Bal. This is a natura alternative to Dianabol and is in the form of tablets which taken by mouth and is free of any steroids. This supplement made of minerals and vitamins and consists of herbal extracts which make it a safe to use supplement with no side effects.

2. Dbulk

DBulk is another natural alternative to the anabolic steroid Dianabol. This is a type of dietary supplement which is produced by Brutal Force and consists of all ingredients which are natural and do not cause any side effects. This supplement helps a person to improve the levels of free testosterone in the body which then leads to muscle mass and growth and also improves the metabolic activity in the body. This supplement also supports the secretion of HGH and IGF-1 which are growth hormones. Such secretion of growth hormones proves to be effective in terms of increased levels of strength and muscle growth. 

3. Turinabol

Many bodybuilders and athletes who do not want to use Dianabol because of its androgenic side effects instead prefer Turinabol as this steroid does not aromatize as compared to Dianabol. And Turinabol is also less androgenic as compared to Dianabol. 

Dianabol As A Bodybuilding Steroid:

Dianabol is a popular and potent anabolic steroid in the field of bodybuilding as it helps the users to accelerate their recovery of muscles, lose fat from the body, gain weight by retaining water among others. People also stack Dianabol with steroids like Deca Durabolin and Testosterone and many others to get maximum out of the combination in a short period of time. Such combination of Deca Durabolin and testosterone are also not damaging to the liver and also mildly effect the cholesterol levels. 

Results Of Dianabol:

Dbol results can be great for many users who use it properly. Those who use it for a period of eight weeks or a bit more notice an increase in their overall strength. Due to this they are able to perform more and lift more weights. This also helps them to increase their muscle mass and stamina. As the results of this anabolic steroid are quick and massive, it can also cause severe side effects. Due to this, it suggested to avoid using it after a period of eight weeks to avoid any severe damage to any part of the body. Some users even report visible results even on low doses of 15 mg a day for a period of five to six weeks. However it is important to keep in mind that in case of intermediate and users who are professionals as well, Dianabol results can only be visible if the steroid is taken in high doses and in combination with other anabolic steroids. 

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