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Test 400 – Paragon Labs

  • Potency: 400 mg/1ml
  • Dosage: 200 mg – 600 mg/week.
  • Composition: Testosterone Enanthate 400 mg.

Three distinct testosterone esters are combined in Test 400, an injectable testosterone preparation. With a total testosterone steroid Uk concentration of 400 mg/ml, each milliliter of T400 comprises 175 mg of testosterone enanthate, 175 mg of testosterone cypionate, and 50 mg of testosterone propionate.

Compared to most esters or other testosterone blends, Test 400 has the highest steroid content. This implies that each milliliter of your blood has more testosterone.

 Test 400 – Paragon Labs

Because it has a carefully considered and balanced formula, Test 400 is a trendy concoction.

The strongest and most well-liked esters are present. Varied amounts of oil solubility in the Test 400 mixture give each ester a different release period.

Bodybuilder Buy Test 400 because it was created primarily to deliver a steady delivery of high concentrations of testosterone to the body.

The body releases testosterone practically continuously from a fast-acting testosterone propionate, which is followed by slower-acting testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate esters. Test 400 formula quickly and steadily raises testosterone levels, which results in consistent gains in muscle building and strength.


Test 400 is a flexible substance that can be used alone or in combination with other AAS for more pronounced effects. Elite athletes and bodybuilders frequently take Test 400 since it is a highly effective and dependable substance.


The injection of Test 400 is said to be somewhat unpleasant and has the potential to irritate the surrounding tissue. Despite this, a lot of sportsmen and bodybuilders choose this chemical due to its distinction, complexity, and low injection frequency. Test 400 should not be administered more frequently than once per week.

Buy test 400 online from us because we are no.1 steroid sellers over the internet. We have put out a helpful reference to a minimum recommended pinning frequency of esters for your convenience.


Test 400 should never be administered to women. With this substance, virilization and masculinization are assured. Other drugs with few to no negative effects, like Primo or Anavar, can have exceptional effects for female athletes.


Recommended dosage range 400-1200 mg/week

Recommended cycle length 6-12 weeks

Test 400 is a dose-dependent mixture, although we strongly advise all newcomers’ to start with lower dosages and progressively increase them over time.

A fascinating study was conducted in the army during high-intensity training years ago.

Group 1

  • a week with 200 mg of testosterone
  •  adds 3 kg each month.

 Third Group

  • a week with 300 mg of testosterone
  •  5 kg more per month

 Group 3

  • a week of 500 mg of testosterone
  • 8kg each month


 Testosterone esters are extremely powerful substances that work even at low concentrations.


  • improvements in mass and power that are substantial and stable
  • substantial anti-catabolic impact
  • slim down
  • increased libido and sexual drive
  • an expansion of red blood cells (more oxygen to the muscles)


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    by John Chambers (verified owner)

    Been injecting now for 6 weeks first time on the test not stacking with anything else definitely seen weight increase and moderate strength gains


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