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Proviron is the brand name of Mesterolone. This is an androgen anabolic steroid which is primarily used by males to treat their infertility issues along with treating low levels of testosterone and hypogonadism. This steroid possesses androgenic properties. Testosterone plays an important role in the development of reproductive organs in males and if not produced in normal amounts can result in a number of diseases. When the body does not make enough testosterone due to any medical condition, Proviron helps to overcome this issue by increasing the amount of testosterone in the body. 


The average daily dose of Proviron should be 50 mg. However, research has shown that increasing the dose even up to 250 mg did not result in any side effects. Athletes use this drug to increase the level of testosterone in the body. Their dose on average is 50 mg a day, which can be split into two doses of 25 mg each. 

Side effects of Proviron

It should be noted that when taken alone, Proviron does not result in any adverse outcome but there can be a number of side effects if taken with other androgens. Some of the side effects include infertility, erectile dysfunction, lethargy and virilization in women. 

Benefits of Proviron

There are a number of benefits which can be obtained from using this steroid. These include:

  • Overcoming androgen deficiency.
  • Enhance the health of sperms.
  • Ensures proper functioning of reproductive organs.
  • Helpful in increasing muscle density.
  • Overcomes infertility issues.
  • Gives lean muscles.
  • Can be used in stacking cycles.

Who should avoid taking Proviron?

People suffering from different types of cancers like liver cancer, prostate cancer or breast cancer and who suffer from allergies should avoid using this steroid. It should also not be used by people who suffer from high blood pressure as intaking Proviron might worsen the condition. In allergic patients, use of this steroid can cause rashes, face swelling and breathing issues. 

Where to buy Online in UK?

Proviron, being an anabolic steroid, cannot be purchased over the counter as it is a prescription only medicine. But currently, there are a large number of authorized drug stores over the web with good ratings which offer different steroids for sale and from where you can buy Proviron UK without worrying about prescription. You can also buy steroids UK from such web drug stores or pharmacies with fast delivery and easy payment options. 

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