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Nandrodec – Paragon Labs

  • Composition : Nandrolone Decanoate
  •  Potency: 100mg/1ml
  •  Dosage: 250 mg – 500 mg/week

Popular in bodybuilding and weightlifting, Nandrolone Decanoate is the active ingredient in the injectable anabolic Nandrodec 100. The steroid Uk is well known for having a very low incidence of adverse effects in addition to having a high anabolic impact of weight gain.

Nandrodec 100 is a long-acting medication made by Paragon labs. These anabolic steroids differ from one another by having a reasonably high anabolic activity and a mild (30%) androgenic effect (150 percent of testosterone). The active ingredient has a half-life that lasts, on average, at least two weeks.

Review of Nandrodec 100

In the 1960s, it was possible to Buy Nandrodec 100 with steroid as the active ingredient for the first time. Both Nandrodec 100 and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate are the two forms in which the product is made. Since then, the substance has been regarded as a main source of anabolic effects due to the notable safety of this anabolic and minimal rollback. Nandrodec 100 is used in medicine as well as in athletics and bodybuilding to treat severe injuries, anemia, growth hormone deficiency-related stunted growth in children, and other conditions.

Nandrodec 100 Effects

  •  significant, but only a small group of smooth muscles (growth in muscle mass of 8 kg each year);
  • strengthening bones (with an osteoporosis therapy steroid) and ligaments (by promoting collagen formation);
  • increase in joint lubricating products, which will lead to the eradication of joint discomfort;
  • improving immunological function;
  • improve oxygen transport to lengthen endurance;
  • better digestion (intestinal absorbability nutrients and amino acids).

People Buy nandrodec 100 Online can find negative effects when they used excessively and in combination with other steroids (such potent androgens). As a result, it’s crucial to develop a cycle and determine the drug’s dosage.

How to Use Nandrodec 100: Dosage, Cycle

The weekly single dose of the medication for men is 200 mg. 50-100 mg should be the maximum dose for women (once in 1-4 weeks).

It is preferable to begin with a low dosage (50 mg) of Nandrodec 100 cycle before progressively increasing it. The 600 mg per week dose is regarded as the highest permitted amount.

Nandrodec 100 cycles typically last 8 to 10 weeks. Human chorionic gonadotropin usage is necessary if the cycle lasts for a longer time.

Dostinex should be added to the cycle to reduce Nandrodec 100’s progesterone action. It must be taken beginning in the second week (1.25 mg, twice daily) and continuing for around 2-3 weeks following the last injection.

Since the last week of the Nandrodec 100 cycle, use Clomid as needed. Within 2-4 weeks, 50-100 mg should be taken with a progressive withdrawal.

Nandrodec 100 Combination Cycles

According to various Nandrodec 100 solo cycle adverse effects (lower libido, testosterone suppression, smoother activity), it is frequently advised to buy Testosterone in addition to Nandrodec 100. The recommended dosages for Nandrodec 100 and testosterone are respectively 200–100 mg and 500 mg weekly.

Keep out of children’s reach, says the warning. strictly for adults.


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