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    About BioTeq – Anavar 10 mg Tablets

    Oxandrolone may be a well tolerated 17-alpha alkylated steroid hormone with terribly low viscus toxicity. Anavar is very effective medicine as it increases lean muscle mass, burns fat and increases the strength of the body. The most important thing is that it is also recommended to females as this medicine is safe for female’s bodybuilders and athletes and also gives them a lean body mass. It is recommended by the doctors to the people who are burn victims as it enhances healing process, it also helps to recover from traumatic events and nerve regeneration after an injury. You can buy this steroid in the UK only if you get a prescription from the doctor.

    Dosage and instructions to use:

    The dose of the medicine varies from person to person and the medical condition of the user. Its main ingredient is oxanderolone due to which this medicine is very popular among the is available in 10mg and the amount of tablets present in the box is 100. It is consumed orally according to the prescription of the doctor. You can also read the leaflet present in the box for more information and guidelines. Normally doctors recommend a very mild dose and increases gradually

    Beginners: 30 to 40mg per day

    Intermediate: 50 to 60 mg per day

    Professionals: 70 to 80 mg per day

    Females: 5 to 15 mg per day

    Side effects:

    • Excessive hair growth
    • Increase and decrease in libido
    • Menstrual problem in females
    • Acne
    • Mood swings
    • Liver damage (overdose can lead to liver failure)
    • Heart attack from major to minor

    Where to buy BioTeq Anavar 10 mg from?

    Buy Anavar 10mg tablets as it is best to reduce fat and it also increases the strength of the user so it is liked by many females’ bodybuilders and male ones too. If you want to buy this steroid from an online store you can get it from our page as we deliver the product at your doorstep without any delay.

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