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Anadrol 50 – Paragon Labs

  • Composition : Oxymetholone
  • Potency: 50mg/tablet
  • Dosage: 50mg – 100mg/day


This steroid was found in the USA in 1959, and it entered the market for medical usage in 1961. This steroid was initially prescribed for anemia and osteoporosis in clinical settings. However, after some time, medical professionals realized that Oxymetholone was too potent and had too many negative effects on the patients. As a result, the medical school stopped writing prescriptions for the drug.

Use in Sports

One of the most potent oral anabolic and androgenic steroids UK has ever seen is Meditech P’s Anadrol-50. In the first few weeks of their cycle, bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters, and weightlifters frequently gain 10 to 12 kg of body weight. However, this includes fat storage and water retention in addition to muscle weight. What causes this to occur? Dihydrotestosterone is oxymetholone (DHT). Contrary to other steroids, Oxymetholone does convert to estrogen, although DHT normally does not. Be aware that steroids like Oxymetholone that convert to estrogen frequently have negative side effects.


People who buy anadrol 50 have been shown to use large amounts of Oxymetholone, which can be harmful to health. So how much should someone take when they are on a diet, bulking up, or in their off-season?

Heavy bodybuilders: no more than 50-100mg.

Amateur bodybuilders: 150-200mg/day.

Beginners: 50-100mg/day.

Professional bodybuilders typically Buy anadrol 50 online from us and they use 300 mg or more, however it is important to remember that these individuals are genetic freaks whose bodies can tolerate the high amounts. They are prepared to take the danger since they can live with it and make money from the sport.

Why 50mg per tablet?

It is difficult to ignore the large dosage of Oxymetholone (50mg/tablet) when compared to Metandienone or Stanozolol, which have dosages of 5–10 mg/tablet. This is due to Oxymetholone low affinity, which makes it more challenging for the steroid Uk to dock on bodily receptors than it is for Stanozolol or Metandienone too. In general, the body can easily absorb steroids, however Oxymetholone is an exception. Which is why the bloodstream needs to have a large amount.

Effects of Use

Negative effects include elevated blood pressure, headaches, stomach pain, general malaise, and fever. Oxymetholone and liver cancer are also closely connected.

Positive Effect – Usually provides users a great pump. Numerous athletes have frequently admitted that on some days, the intense pump in their muscles prevents them from finishing their training. Why? Oxymetholone causes an intense pump during exercise because it raises hematocrit and hemoglobin levels, which substantially raise oxygen levels.

Who can use it?

Oxymetholone is not an entry-level steroid. Oxymetholone should be avoided by beginners who have never taken steroids before because it has too many negative side effects. Due to its extremely potent androgenic component, which is just ineffective for women, this steroid is likewise categorically inappropriate for female use.

How to Use

Experienced bodybuilders frequently utilize Oxymetholone as they begin their bulking cycle. They consume as many calories as they can, including junk food, to ensure that their bodies receive the nutrients they need. However, Oxymetholone does not operate in this way because it causes greater adverse effects the more junk food is ingested.

One of the benefits of using this product is that you can train harder with more strength and avoid injuries thanks to the estrogen-induced water retention that lubricates your body and joints. Due to its potent androgenic component, oxymetholone also enables speedier recovery than any other steroid.

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